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To ensure lasting results following the application of your eyelash extensions, follow these simple lash extensions after care guidelines.

Lash Extensions Aftercare: Text
  • Avoid getting extensions wet for 24 hours following application to ensure proper adhesion. 

  • Avoid steam and direct heat. 

  • Do not spray tan for 48-72 hours after application. 

  • Sleep on your back or on the side of your pillow. 

  • Brush your lash extensions regularly when dry, from center to tips, using a clean brush wand. 

  • Avoid gel or liquid eyeliner. You don't need mascara. I you must, use a water-based, non waterproof mascara on lower lashes only.

  • Avoid oil-based skincare and cosmetic products. 

  • Do not perm or tint your lashes. 

  • Avoid direct steam and high temperatures. 

  • Do not pull, put or rub your lashes. 

  • Never attempt to remove your extensions by yourself. This must be done by a trained professional to avoid damage to the natural lashes.

  • Schedule fill appointments in advance every two to three weeks to ensure healthy and full lashes. 

Lash Extensions Aftercare: About
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